Vaccination and the art of gentle persuasion

Vaccination and the art of gentle persuasion

This blog has been re-posted from The Conversation. In it, I summarise a framework for communicating with parents about vaccination that a team of us worked on and published here. It is a conceptual piece and we are now in the process of turning the framework into a toolkit that we will pilot then maybe trial in the future. It’s a bit like building a smartphone. It needs to be road tested and adapted until the toolkit is user-friendly, convenient, adaptable and effective. So we are starting a program of research with step one being a qualitative study with GPs, nurses and paediatricians looking into their experiences, challenges, and needs when facing the sometimes challenging task of reassuring parents about vaccination.

I’m working with a multidisciplinary group with expertise in cognitive science, immunisation, general practice, paediatrics, complex interventions and communication. They include Hal Willaby and Lyndal Trevena from the University of Sydney, Margie Danchin from the Murdock Children’s Research Institute in Melbourne and in the UK Francine Cheater from University of East Anglia, Cath Jackson from University of York, Nick Sevdalis from Imperial College London, Paul Kinnersley from Cardiff University and Helen Bedford from University College London.

Source: flickr
Source: flickr

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